Strengthening the Foundations of Detroit


What we do

The Born & Raised Detroit Foundation supports initiatives that contribute to building a stronger community and positive way of life. 


Who we are

We are local residents and Detroit area expats in cities across the United States who are interested in fostering philanthropic and financial goals that support programs taking place on the ground in Detroit.

Our Board

Executive director

Parker Lynch


Madelyn Wisne


Jamison Lynch
Jacques Perreault
Xander Strek
Patrick Thornton
Alex Wilkerson


β€œIt's these life moments that create an excellent foundation and build character.”

Born and raised ideology


How we got here

In the winter of 2010 a group of friends had an idea: What if we could keep Detroiters living in cities across the United States connected to the place they were born and raised? We knew in their adopted cities they proudly sported their Tigers hats and Red Wings jerseys. We knew they pointed to where they lived on their hand and would most likely get overly excited when Eminem or The Jackson 5 came on the radio. We started finding that even though life had taken them to far off corners of the globe, there was this need, this passion, to stay connected to the place they called home. In the fall of 2011, we unveiled the Born & Raised Detroit Foundation at our 5th Annual Gobble Wobble fundraiser. Since this moment we have worked with Detroiters all over the country to host events that keep Detroiters connected to their home, but also to one another. It is through this camaraderie and loyal base of supporters that we have found, together, we can contribute to making Detroit a hopeful place for future generations.


Ready to help?